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Interior Light Kit: Your Essential Guide for 2022

What looks nice does not necessarily have to have a practical use. But if you love your car and want to stand out from others, you can't avoid interior lighting. It becomes even more interesting when there is also LED lighting in the rear and it becomes particularly interesting when the colors of the lighting change to the beat of the music. Car LED interior lighting offers many different versions, from the wireless car interior lighting with battery to the exclusive RGB version, which leaves nothing to be desired.

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LED interior lighting at a glance

  • A car LED interior lighting not only provides a nice ambience, it also has a lot of other added value to offer. Good interior light kit turns out to be a real blessing, especially when children travel on long journeys.
  • An interior light kit is very easy to use and can be installed by anyone. It usually consists of two or four light strips that are already connected to each other. These LED strips are only glued and the mounting material is usually included.
  • Car interior lighting can be controlled via a remote control or an app. Power is supplied via the cigarette lighter or via a USB socket.  

What is a car LED interior light kit?

Car LED interior lighting is an inexpensive way to create a nice atmosphere in the car, to illuminate the footwell and usually also to listen to music. LEDs are not only economical in terms of power consumption, they are also becoming cheaper and cheaper. 

With car interior light kits, you can also tune your car from the inside. It is not only attractive but innovative and individual. 

An interior light kit is easy to install and control. In a kit, two or four self-adhesive, ready-made LED strips are provided. You can install two of them in the footwell, two behind the front seats or also in the rear footwell. The connecting lines can be easily hidden. 

At the beginning of the lines, there is a controller that can be used to control light, color or music, as well as a connection piece, either for the cigarette lighter or for a USB connection. 

There are many different versions of the car interior light kits on the market, from the wireless battery car interior light kits to exclusive RGB versions. LED interior light kits are universal in size and are suitable for most vehicle types.

Advantages of car LED interior light kits

An indirect car LED interior lighting gives your car a very special touch. The LEDs are not visibly attached, so you cannot look directly into them. Only the emitted light can be seen. Such lighting looks classy and luxurious. 

Depending on the intended use, car interior lighting sets are offered as pure interior light or as ambient lighting with RGB and app adjustment.

Different types of LEDs in interior light kits

LEDs in cars are easy on the eye because they can be individually tailored to the driver or the passengers. For example, they let dark leather seats appear in a completely different light. Trim strips or the footwell get a high-tech light. 

With the right LED you create the right mood. But what is the right light temperature? Light affects our psyche. That is why different colors of light have different effects. We differentiate between a cold and a warm LED light.

Cold LED light has bluish-white color. It looks stylish and refreshes our mind by stimulating the brain. It keeps you fit and alert. This light color increases concentration and prevents fatigue.

Warm LED light creates a calm atmosphere. It's lighting that makes you feel good. It creates harmony, stands for luxury and comfort. This light makes you feel safe, like at home.

LED interior light kits: What to pay attention to when buying

Before you buy one of the many ambient lighting options, you should familiarize yourself with the functions and operating options. Depending on the model and manufacturer, various functions can be used:

The power supply

There is no such thing as a car interior light kit without a cable, it requires electricity. Any car LED interior lighting 12V connection is suitable for this, as does the car battery. That is why many of the interior lights are powered via cigarette lighter. Some manufacturers also offer their ambient lighting for the USB socket. This has the advantage that you can also use the lighting at home as an TV backlight.

The length of the connecting cables

Car LED interior lighting is cheap as a pre-assembled kit, because almost no installation work is required. However, the length of the connection lines may be too short for some vehicles. The safest way is to buy such lighting modified specifically for your vehicle, which is not exactly cheap.

The number of LEDs

The LED strips are offered with different configurations. The more LEDs are installed, the more brightness they produce. However, they are often longer. If they cannot be shortened, it is better to buy too short than too long. 

Attaching the LED strips

Fortunately, all manufacturers deliver their LED interior light kits with adhesive tape. Just peel off the securing strip and stick it where needed. The tape does not stick well to some car seat covers, in which case never use superglue, double-sided tape is better.

Is there an app or a remote control?

Whether via the app on the mobile phone on the vehicle's mobile phone holder or with the remote control supplied, the brightness, the color temperature and also the desired color can be set here. An adjustable color change or the speed of the same is also possible.


LED lighting for the car interior is extremely attractive, as it creates a pleasant, non-dazzling light and gives the vehicle a certain ambience. No matter how old you are, whether man or woman, with the best car LED interior lighting everyone becomes their own designer. The industry has long picked up on this trend and is supplying complete, ready-to-install interior light kits. 


Are interior light kits legal?

According to road traffic regulations, such car LED interior lighting is legal as long as it does not blind the driver. That is why the LED strips may be installed in the rear at eye level, but only in the footwell in the passenger seat.

What is the interior car light called?

Most vehicles have interior lights that are also called dome lights or courtesy lights. These can be located on the ceiling of the vehicle and illuminate when people enter or exit the car.

Are interior LED car lights illegal UK?

Speaking to the Mirror , a spokesman for the The RAC said: “There is no law against this [interior light]. However, if a police officer pulls you over and adjudges your interior light to be a driving distraction they have the right to tell you to turn it off.”

Can you have LED lights on the interior of your car?

LED lights also use less energy and don't produce heat. This makes them an efficient choice for lighting the interior of your car. LED lights are often sold in strips, which can also make them easy to install.

Are car interior lights safe?

Previous studies have shown that the uncomfortable and distracting glare from interior lights, that can present driver safety issues, is eliminated when luminance is kept under 0.1 cd/m² Other studies show that drivers are less distracted when they are in control of ambient lighting levels in the car.

What are Puddle lights?

Puddle lights are lamps built into the lower part of a vehicle's outside mirrors that illuminate the ground underneath the front door.

What are dome lights?

dome light (plural dome lights) An interior cabin light with a dome-shaped cover attached to the ceiling of a car, vehicle, room or building. In a vehicle it is considered a safety feature, though usually fitted as standard.

Can you drive with footwell lights on UK?

– cables loosely hanging in the footwell. – wonky contacts or other wire damage. As long as those criteria are met, using footwell lighting is allowed on the road as well.

Is Underglow legal in UK?

Are lights under a car illegal in the UK? You can legally add underglow lights to your car, but there are rules governing their use, where they are placed on the vehicle and some restrictions on colours that can be used.

Is it illegal to rev your engine UK?

Revving your engine in the U.K. could get you arrested. That's right: The puerile behaviors almost anyone in a high-power sports car engages in from time to time is a criminal offense in some U.K. cities—even if you're just idling.

Are LED headlights illegal?

LED lights are not illegal, except where the headlight is concerned. You may use LEDs in unregulated auxiliary lights. Side markers are A-OK.

How much does underglow cost on a car?

Underglow Kit Pricing

$50 and up: Most underglow lighting kits within this range are advanced lighting systems that offer a stunning single-color lighting effect with a beam that's 150 degrees or less. They can come as a set of 10 LED bulbs that are mostly fitted under the wheel well.

Do puddle lights stay on?

When the door is closed, the BIU slowly reduces the current until the lights are out. If terminal C4 is permanently shorted to ground, the lights will stay on all the time. That short could be inside the BIU or, there could be a short to ground in any of the wires between the puddle lights or ceiling light to the BIU.

What is ambient lighting?

Also called general lighting, ambient lighting provides overall illumination for a room, and is intended to create a uniform light level throughout a space, independent of any special lighting that may be needed in targeted areas of a room.

What cars come with puddle lights?

These lights are typically only found on luxury brands like Audi, BMW, Jaguar, and others. The original idea for this luxury feature was to light up the ground where a person would step right before getting into (or out of) the car.

Why do cars have interior lights?

What Is Ambient Lighting? The feature utilizes interior lights mounted around the cabin to enhance the design and maybe even soothing driver and passenger. In addition to the foot wells, some ambient lighting systems often illuminate the door and dash trim, cupholders, climate control vents, and speaker surrounds.

Are all interior car lights the same?

They're not interchangeable. If your car has incandescent bulbs (and most older cars do), you'll probably notice an improvement just by switching to new bulbs of the same type.

How does a car interior light work?

When the interior lights in a car are working correctly, they will usually come on when you open your door and then shut off some time after you close the door. This process relies on a switch in the door jamb that opens when you open the door and closes when you close the door.

Are blue interior lights illegal UK?

Only emergency vehicles can display blue lights so it is an offence if your vehicle has any LED or neon under-vehicle lighting system or lights on windscreen, washer jets or number plates emitting a blue light. The motorist could receive a £50 Fixed Penalty Notice and or be reported to court.

Is it illegal to drive with flipflops?

While driving in flip flops or sliders isn't illegal in itself, wearing them could lead to a careless driving charge if they impede your ability to drive safely.

Is it legal to have LED lights in your car UK?

OE LED bulbs are completely road legal and fitted as standard by car manufacturers. However, OE LED bulbs are a non-replaceable part and so if the bulb fails then the entire headlight needs to be replaced. Retrofitting is when you replace a standard bulb with an LED version.

Can you replace interior lights with LED?

LEDs have a longer life than incandescent bulbs and run cooler. They also draw less power, which translates to fewer drained batteries because someone left the door ajar. Replacing interior bulbs with LEDs requires no special tools or experience.

What are the 3 main types of lighting?

There are three basic types of lighting that work together to light your home: General, Task and Accent.

What are the 4 types of lighting?

What are the 4 types of lighting?

  • Ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting.
  • Accent lighting.
  • Decorative lighting.

Is ambient light better?

Aside from the basic lighting functionality, the ambient lighting improves the sense of warmth and depth of a room or space. It works to provide a comfortable level of illumination without too much glare. This allows you to navigate an entire room safely too.

Is it illegal to drive barefoot or in flip flops?

Just like driving barefoot no footwear is illegal to drive in, so long as it's safe to do so. But flip flops or sandals are not recommended as they do not provide secure grip or control.

Are LED valve caps illegal?

Are LED tire caps legal? Yes. They're illegal.

What colour side lights are legal UK?

In the UK and Australia, sidelights must be white to be in compliance with the law. In some situations, you are legally required to turn your sidelights on. For example, in the UK, you must use your sidelights when parking on the side of the road at night.

Why are my LED lights not bright on my car?

LED Light's Age

Although LED lights come with brighter light, it tends to dim down over time, unlike halogen lights. So, if you have been using the lights for a long time now, it's probably because of the age of the diodes that are causing the reduction in brightness.

Why are LEDS so popular?

Energy efficient: The biggest advantage of LED lights is that they are extremely energy efficient. LED bulbs use 90 per cent less energy compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs. Longer life: LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan as compared to traditional light bulbs.

What type of lighting is ambient lighting?

Ambient lighting provides overall illumination and is meant to create a general and uniform lighting level. It's the first layer of lighting and sets the tone of a space. That's why it's typically soft or diffuse, and often dimmable to accommodate day and nighttime settings.

What is industrial lighting?

Industrial lighting is typically found in manufacturing environments such as factories, chemical plants, or refineries. Depending on the type of business you run, industrial lighting. Industrial lighting can be particularly helpful for spotting or identifying hazards and other dangerous conditions.

Can I put lights on my car wheels?

It is okay to have the lights on your wheel as long as they are not used when driving within traffic areas only. The lights could be used for off-road, racing, and parades only. You can have the vehicle in a stationary parked position and have the lights on, that is okay.

Can you drive with underglow in California?

In California neon underglow is legal, as long as you follow these restrictions: Red color may not be visible from the front of the car. No flashing lights are permitted. Underglow must not emit more than 0.05 candela per square inch.

Are valve stem lights legal?

No they're not illegal. But It is illegal to have or use blue color bulbs and or lighting affects of the exterior front & or rear of a vehicle including a top of front & rear dash boards..